Developer Playground

About the Developer Playground [READ ME] (2)
Where to download SDK? (3)
MetaFour - Multiplayer Connect Four for the Meta 2 (2)
"Jenga" (TM) - A demonstration of the brilliant simplicity of Meta2 (1)
Meta Hands work on Cube but not FBX CAD Model (5)
SolAR - The Augmented Reality Solar System Visualizer (3)
[Demo] Making Work a Work-Out: AR at the Office (2)
Unitypackage missing from SDK installer? (2)
A Custom Load Scene Logic for Unity (2)
Meta2 and Machine Learning Models (11)
Integrating Chroma Lab into Meta (12)
Share virtual objects on the same space (12)
Placing FBX CAD object snap to physical table (7)
Music Score / Controller @ TENOR 2018 in Montreal (1)
Accidentally solved external tracking problem! (1)
Training on the Meta 2 (5)
Meta Tennis Test app (11)
AR messaging concept! (1)
AR Fashion Show - Pics from last night - Montreal (5)
Sword in the Stone (3)
Veterinary anatomy (2)
Controlling LIFX Lights via RGB cube (3)
Montreal VR/AR Art show - Feb 23rd - Teaser (7)
Meta Magic Spheres! (Repo Included) (1)

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